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Drawn Together still - Terms of Endearment by PrincessCakeNikki
Drawn Together still - Terms of Endearment
Just a frame from Drawn Together I felt like drawing ^-^

Used Flash CC 2014 for the drawing and Photoshop CC 2014 to high pass Gaussian blur the outlines and add the subtle shadow
October Desktop (Stardust Witch Meruru) by PrincessCakeNikki
October Desktop (Stardust Witch Meruru)
OS: Mac OS X 10.10 (Light Theme)
WP: Custom Made (See note)
- Displapature (Rounded off corners)
- Weathermin w/Preset Theme 1 (Weather display)

- Wallpaper is a custom mash-up by me ...not for release :( (Sad)

Original images source:
August Desktop - Yosemite Beta Release 2 by PrincessCakeNikki
August Desktop - Yosemite Beta Release 2
OS: Mac OSX 10.10 (Dark Theme)
WP: A Glimpse of Sunshine…
- Geektool (iOS Clock)
- Displapature (Rounded off corners)
- Weathermin w/Preset Theme 1 (Weather display)
- Coversutra (Album Art)
Fallout: New Vegas Prologue (Updated 7/13/14) by PrincessCakeNikki
Fallout: New Vegas Prologue (Updated 7/13/14)
This is intended to be a story continuation of Fallout 3 in which we learn what happened to the Lone Wanderer and how the story connects to Fallout New Vegas.

This fanfic creates a backstory that it was the Lone Wanderer who was the Courier.

Please excuse any errors in the writing style, I more or less wrote this (in under 2 hours) to fulfill my own obsessive interest with connecting the two games.

((( Fallout New Vegas:  Prologue )))

July 11th, 2281

The Lone Wanderer having reclaimed the Capital Wasteland from the ongoing threat of Super Mutants and Raiders had settled down in Megaton and put her (or his, depending on your choice) exploring days behind her.

Now officially a Knight of Lyon's Pride Brotherhood of Steel, she would send correspondence and keep in touch with the Citadel located under what was once the Pentagon building. Over the past 4 years the Wanderer had suffered both immense gain with Project Purity and tragic loss with her father, James having died sacrificing himself to keep the Enclave from taking control of the Project. As well as her loyal companion Dogmeat having been killed by a menacing Albino Radscorpion.

Over time the Wanderer had gained respect and friendships with the settlements of Megaton and Rivet City - whose inhabitants had their lives changed for better or for worse by the Lone Wanderer's actions...

After the event which would become know as the “Broken Steel" incident, the Brotherhood of Steel's most proudest achievement - Liberty Prime; an immense robot capable of launching nuclear warheads, was reduced to parts and would take years to fix. The Lone Wanderer felt obliged to assist with repairing this mighty giant as it had sacrificed itself for both her, and her commanding squadron of Brotherhood.

Having just finished making the robot mobile again, our story begins…

Brotherhood Scribe:  Liberty is looking almost as good as he did before Broken Steel. It'll be a great relief to have him on our side again.

Lone Wanderer:  It was definitely no mirelurk cakewalk but we owed him for what he did for us at Rockland.

Brotherhood Scribe:  "Owed him" you speak as if Liberty were a living person.

Lone Wanderer:  Not all humans are made of flesh, a friend in Rivet City taught me that.

Brotherhood Scribe:  Enlightened words, but I couldn't see a Sentry Bot being called human.

Lone Wanderer:  I suppose if you had them at your disposal like the Outcasts you would speak differently of them?

Brotherhood Scribe:  The Outcasts? Ha! After Casdin learned of your success in the Pitt he took pretty much every member with him. The only remnants here in the Capitol Wasteland are nothing more than scavengers of filth, they'd be lucky to find a scrapped Protectron.

Lone Wanderer:  Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter… pass me that Sensor Module, we're close to having Liberty's AI back to one hundred percent.

Owen Lyons:  Ah there you are, daughter of James! We have an important assignment for you.

Lone Wanderer:  I thought I asked you never to speak that name again. My father is dead, dying for something foolish which could have been helped if you'd assisted him at the right time and not just take the spoils after Purity went online.

Owen Lyons:  James was a great man and only wanted the best for you, he never intended to hurt you by sacrificing himself that day. I'm sure we'd honor you just the same had you not survived activating Purity.

Lone Wanderer:  I visited his grave in Arlington last month… I noticed you removed the Knights that were stationed to guard there.

Owen Lyons:  After sending that squadron to Point Lookout last year our numbers have just been stretched too thin to allow for such unimportant acts. There haven't been any reports of Raider activity in that vicinity since you took out Junders Plunkett.

Lone Wanderer:  "Stretched too thin?” where exactly are you stationing these soldiers, Lyons? Aside from Paradise Falls the Capitol Wasteland could almost be explored without carrying a gun.

Owen Lyons:  That's exactly it, the slavers are starting to become a threat in their own right. They've been increasing their slave trade by the month, if it hadn't been for the squadron near Lamplight Caverns all those children would now be slaves.

Lone Wanderer:  I suppose you're right… eliminate one threat and two more pop up in its place. I should have wiped that place off the map with Fawkes when I had the chance.

Owen Lyons:  I do apologize for removing those guards stationed in Arlington, as soon as I can afford it I shall dispatch several Paladins there.

Lone Wanderer:  So anyway, what is this important assignment you have for me?

Owen Lyons:  Ah, yes. We need you to deliver these to New Vegas.

((( Lyons hands the Wanderer a rolled-up bundle of documents )))

Lone Wanderer:  What are these?

Owen Lyons:  Why the blueprints behind Project Purity, after our extensive trial run we've decided the Project is deemed worthy of expansion. It's our intention to install a similar device at the Hoover Dam.

Lone Wanderer:  But New Vegas? It would take me months to get there on foot.

Owen Lyons:  If anyone is up to the task I'm sure it's you... so long as you don't feel the need to pick up every bit of loot along the way and overencumber yourself.

Lone Wanderer:  Hey, keeping myself prepared for anything is why I'm still alive today.

Owen Lyons:  Yes, you are quite the tenacious scavenger aren't you. In addition to those plans we need you to get in contact with the Brotherhood and assess as to their current situation and status. We've not had word from them in a number of years.

Lone Wanderer:  Do you think they were all wiped out?

Owen Lyons:  Impossible. I know the people in charge there as well as I do you and Sarah, they are the best of the best. One of their Paladins could take on several overlords.

Lone Wanderer:  Lyons, some of your most seasoned troops here can barely take on a mutant brute.

Owen Lyons:  I'm sure they are fine. Perhaps they are just having trouble sending out any couriers this far.

Lone Wanderer:  So what exactly am I to do when I get there?

Owen Lyons:  In order to even be granted access to New Vegas you'll need to be enlisted with their courier service at the Mojave Express. The Brotherhood were on good terms with the Express as of our last known contact with the area.

Lone Wanderer:  I can't expect anyone to be going with me on this? Paladin Cross has made no offer?

Owen Lyons:  Given your history I thought you'd be pleased to work this assignment alone?

Lone Wanderer:  I do work better alone... my companions have a nasty habit of winding up dead.

Owen Lyons:  You will be given supplies, a map, and weaponry. Have any questions?

Lone Wanderer:  No questions, and I don't need any weaponry besides my 10mm - a fool wagers his life to energy weapons, Lyons.

Owen Lyons:  Very well, you may leave whenever you're ready.

…Continued in “All Roads” by Dark Horse books


No journal entries yet.


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